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Deep Chill Network Experimental Psychology Deep Chill Network's infatuation with relaxation music and the use of music to relax, has led them into the dark realms of sleep and dreams. With the use of synthesizers and effects, they weave a unique brand of neu-chill designed to calm the frayed nerves.

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Influenced by the work of Pete Namlook, Tetsu Inoue, and Steve Roach, their music features subtle ambiences with a strong emphasis on chill. Their "Cyber Sleep" series has laid the framework for their trademark sound.

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The cyber sleep series is intended to be listened to while relaxing or sleeping and will always calm and relax. After their 4th installment in the "Cyber Sleep" series, Deep Chill Network has now embarked on some different projects.

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The "Dreams" series has gotten under way nicely with their first three installments, "Dreams 1", "Dreams 2", and "Dreams 3. Khan and the studio staff were detained and questioned for three hours by the police. Following their release, police refused to release Khan's ID card to him until he agreed to submit to a drug test.

The album's production also took an unexpected turn during a May recording session when Khan's studio computer took on a life of its own and began writing its own music. All of a sudden it felt like the computer came to life, notes started to change position creating a new melody, completely different from the original one. This "ghost track" was turned into the song "Paranormal Energy".

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Deep Chills is the first album to take to social media outlets asking fans what subject matter they wanted on the album. Fans were allowed to vote and name songs on polls through Facebook. Allmusic gave the album a three and a half star rating, saying that " Deep Chills is an odd comeback, filled with that cheeky, whip-crack spirit one minute and a squeaky-clean '90s soundtrack attitude the next.

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  • Three videos were officially released in support of the album. It appeared May 15, on adult video site XTube nearly one year after the video was finished. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lords of Acid. Retrieved March 14,