BLOODLUST: Blood Prophecy Series

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Related Searches. Beguiler: Book 2 of the Spear Series. View Product. Beyond the Sleep. Samantha Bailey is a sixteen year old girl who starts her day off like any Samantha Bailey is a sixteen year old girl who starts her day off like any regular teen, but soon judgment day will be arriving and something will happen to the people around her. People will start to crave the strange Blood and Iron. Rich and poor.

Supernatural Beings Fulfill a Prophecy in New Horror Fiction

The mighty and the weak. You were born a slave to a man named the Conqueror. He wished for nothing more than Peregrine Evans life goes from bliss to shit when the man she marries gives her So its always great to read the book and end up loving it, so you don't have to go email the author back and cancel. So its makes the blog tour process a walk in the part when the the participants also like it.

Jamie did a great job with his debut Blood Born and making paranormal and vampires his own. In a genre so popular and flooded with stories that deal with Vampires, I'm always amazed when a new author can create something that hasn't been written before. She is buried alive and pretty much freaking out. Then Chance is there rescuing her from that wooden box. What a hero right? Well Chance is also their for more than just rescuing Ava out of the group. He is there ego help Ava understand what she has become. Ava is now half-human and half-vampire. Ava will meet her maker which is Alric and let's just scything won't be easy between them.

Ava wants to be different. She might not know who or what she was before waking up in that coffin, but she is determine to be who she wants now in the future. What is Ava to do when her human hero Chance has been kidnapped? This is all I will spill. If I give you more, I will spoil the story and that's not my style. Jamie is definitely a debut author to read this year.

You will be craving book 2, like a vampire needs blood. Aug 27, Kaci rated it really liked it. I have been wanting to read this book since Jamie Manning came in the library I work at with an announcement about a book signing. I was finally able to order some young adult books and you better believe this book was in that order.

My character opinions which is pretty much how I judge a book for the most part : Ava Blue- loved the name! She was such a strong character from the beginning and there's nothing I like less in a main character than weakness. She was so brave from the time she woke I have been wanting to read this book since Jamie Manning came in the library I work at with an announcement about a book signing. She was so brave from the time she woke up in the grave until the end of the book. I actually felt her struggles from having to kill a vampire for the first time to craving blood to attacking her friends.

Jamie Manning really did a good job on her character because it was like I became Ava while reading the book. Chance- Ahh what wasn't there to love? He was great from the moment he dug Ava out of the grave.

Mimi’s Review of Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy | What the Cat Read

Sweet, hot, mysterious and caring. What more could you want right?? Erik- Here's the weird thing- I loved Chance but something about Erik drew me. I really really liked him. I usually can pretty well decide which guy in the love triangle I want the girl to end up with but here I am not so sure. I kind of want more Erik!

Aldric- I know he's supposed to be "bad" and maybe not completely trustworthy but I like him anyway. I want him to get some kind of happy ever after. Loved the best friend too! My only problem is that it took forever for the secrets to come out. I also feel there are a lot of unresolved issues.

YIDHRA! "Blood is the Harvest" The Blood Lust Cut

However, I realize that this is a trilogy and the author has to save something for the other books. I am just impatient and I want to know what happens I do think that the next book will top this book. To me, Blood Born set up the ground work for a great book 2 and I am ready for it! Great debut, Jamie Manning. I look forward for more from you in the future! Feb 09, Chelsie rated it did not like it. I got maybe half way through then couldn't read any farther because I was so bored.

Vampire Crown 3

Sure the opening was pretty exciting, but then nothing. No hints, no foreshadowing, just boring and terribly overused what-is-this-unexplainable-attraction-between-me-and-this-random-guy-I-just-met nonsense. Jamie Manning's Blood Born is yet another read, I've had for quite awhile that I am just now getting to! It was quite a surprising read as well in a lot of ways.

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  • I was lured in by the cover, there was just something intriguing by it. I'm a sucker for dark colors and graveyard backgrounds!! Ava literally wakes up in a coffin buried underground, as a vampire. It was quite the start to the novel and she is dug up by a strange boy named Chance. There is a definite connection going on between Ava and Jamie Manning's Blood Born is yet another read, I've had for quite awhile that I am just now getting to! There is a definite connection going on between Ava and Chance.


    The beginnings of a budding romance maybe? Ava has no recollection of her past life as a human. Somethings like television or other mundane things come back to her, but nothing really that was apart of her life and who she was. Then in walks her vampire creator. Aldric turned her to save her, we learn. Save her from what, we don't know. But Ava doesn't want to be a vampire so Aldric offers her a deal, kill vampires and she can become human again.

    This deal is a bit confusing to me, especially when her first vampire kill was really killed by Chance, she was there fighting it, but didn't make the killing blow that led to its death and yet it still counts as 1 kill. Plus, the whole reversal process of going from vampire to human always confuses me because I don't see how it's possible.

    But it has been done, so we'll just have to wait and see how Jamie does it.

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    • A few other things that kind of nagged at me, was this constant feeling that Chance was someone from Ava's past. Like they knew one another, but yet again, this never really gets answered to my fulfillment. There was one brief answer, but I didn't feel like it really answered my question of who Chance was to Ava and not just who he is in general. Confused yet? The other nagging part was something minor and that was how Chance's mother never really questioned why Ava--this teenage girl her son barely knows or maybe not?

      And Ava is still in high school, she gets enrolled at Chance's school and basically Chance becomes her friend of sorts or a guidance counselor Ava also meets other teen vampire hunters and sort of becomes friends with them. They teach her how to kill vampires since she's going to be needing that bit of info for her task.

      She makes friends among them and even a frenemy too.

      Supernatural (book series)

      The ending was pretty surprising, yet as the events were happening I sort of foresaw this last event happening. There was a good deal of action in the end as well with a good old fashion brawl among vampires and vampire hunters, plus two vampires--Ava and Aldric. Overall it was an interesting read.

      There were a few grammar errors and another placement error of sorts, but it was an enjoyable novel. Yet, I can't help but feeling let down in some ways, as I felt there was so much building up--especially with Ava and Chance and the feeling that I got that there was definitely something more going on between them than what we saw--and yet nothing was answered or resolved.

      True, this is only the first book in the trilogy and I can only hope that the second one will have some answers for me. I just read what it was about and it does look intriguing as news problem are being added to Ava's plate. So eventually that one will have to make it to my reading queue as well! Overall Rating 3. Nov 04, M.